Psychological Services Mission Statement

The mission of the Four Rivers School Psychological Services Department is to promote educationally and psychologically healthy environments for all children in attendance at  school districts within the Four Rivers boundaries. Four Rivers School Psychologists  encourage research-based, effective programs, which prevent problems, enhance independence, and promote optimal success in academics, as well as social-emotional and behavioral domains.


2014 School Psychology Awareness Week

School Psychologists deliver a broad array of essential services including the following:

Consultation             Evaluation              Intervention

               Prevention              Counseling             In-service Training       






Valerie Neisen - Administrative School Psychologist

 CASS #15 - Beardstown GardAmy Kerker
 CASS #15 - Beardstown High School & Charter
Linda Stinson
 Brown #1 - Mt Sterling
Tommi Schlueter
 Calhoun #42 - Brussels
Scott Seely
 Calhoun #40 - Hardin
Scott Seely 
 Green #1 - Carrollton
Scott Seely
 Morgan #1 - Franklin
Elizabeth Knollhoff
 Green #10 - Greenfield
Alison McLean
 Pike #4 - Griggsville
Rachael Lacey
 Morgan #11 - MeredosiaLinda Stinson
 Greene #3 - North Greene K-8
Kathy Langdon
 Greene #3 - North Greene High School
Tommi Schlueter
Macoupin #2 -  NorthwesternAlison McLean
 Pike #10 - Pittsfield K-8
Mary Woollard
 Pike #10 - Pittsfield High School
Linda Stinson
 Pike #3 - Pleasant HillMary Woollard 
 Scott #2 - BluffsLinda Stinson
 Morgan #27 - Triopia
Tommi Schlueter
 Morgan #6 - Waverly
Alison McLean
 Western #12 - Barry
Rachael Lacey
Scott #1 - Winchester
Rachael Lacey
 Preschool Evaluations (Clinic)Elizabeth Knollhoff