Early Childhood Clinic Mission Statement

The Four Rivers Early Childhood Clinic is committed to finding, assessing, and providing services to children with disabilities from ages three to five in a timely manner so that children in need will have the opportunity to benefit from the intervention and grow to their full potential. Services to children should be individualized through development of appropriate goals that are applied in the least restrictive environment with a continuum of services available. Important factors in attaining this goal are open communication, cooperation and involvement among parents, school and agency personnel and others involved with the child.

Clinic Administration

Kim Nelson, Administrator

Phone: 217.245.7174 ext. 230

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Laura Lowery, Secretary

Phone: 217.245.7174 ext. 213

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Diagnostic and Clinical Services

Beth Knollhoff, School Psychologist

Phone: 217.245.7174 ext. 238

Email Beth Knollhoff

Megan Seely, Speech and Language Pathologist

Phone: 217.245.7174 ext. 229

Email Megan Seely

Preschool Transition Coordination

Cindy Moore, Coordinator

Phone: 217.245.7174 ext. 309

Email Cindy Moore

Screening Department (Ages 3-5)

Marcy Seiz, Clinic Screening Facilitator

Phone: 217.245.7174 ext. 214

Email Marcy Seiz


Stacy Lemon, Developmental Screening Technician

Phone: 217.245.7174 ext. 253

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Jodie Fairfield, Developmental Screening Technician

Phone: 217.245.7174 ext. 276

Email Jodie Fairfield